Rutgers / Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI)



Debra Laskin, Ph.D.

Associate Director:

Carol Gardner, Ph.D.

Associate Director:

Vasanthi Sunil, Ph.D.

Lab Manager:

Theresa Hyejeong Choi, M.S.

Technical Support:

Jessica Cervelli








    User Registration Form- download

    New users need to fill out the User Registration Form and submit the form before/on the first appointment.

    The User Registration Form is used for the billing information, therefore, periodically we may ask the users to update the form. The new form is needed when the grant is expired or changed. PO number or index number should be submitted each time in advance for using the facility.

    Cell Sorting- Biosafety Assessment Form- download

    Due to the facts that cell sorting generates aerosols and the cells are generally not fixed, the biohazard risks are greater than in analytic flow cytometry. Therefore, Cell Sorting Biosafety Assessment Form has to be filled out prior to doing the sort. We are equipped with BL2 biosafety cabinet to perform sorts on infectious samples, but the sorting or acquisition of potentially infectious samples must be discussed with Theresa Choi.

    The PI/Requestor of the sort has the appropriate biosafety approvals from the RU institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). Material that will require IBC approval includes:

    • Unfixed primary or established human/non-human primate cell lines, and/or;
    • infected/transfected/transformed cell lines (regardless of origin), and/or;
    • Bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi

    Kaluza Software Dongle User Agreement - download

    As part of renting our Kaluza Dongles, we are now having all users sign a User Agreement Form that we will keep on file.