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The Gallios flow cytometer is an ultra sensitive high speed flow cytometer with 3 solid state lasers and 10 fluorescence colors. Its high stability and sensitivity allow very dim and rare populations to be accurately analyzed. Gallios has a customized forward scatter to achieve the most accurate size measurement and optimized electronics for high resolution and fast, accurate, and efficient processing.

The Gallios is the next generation flow cytometer from the existing Beckman Coulter FC500 flow cytometer in the Core facility. Data acquired by Gallios can be analyzed with Kaluza analysis software, which is available for users to analyze data on their own computers. In addition, data collected on the FC500 instruments can also be analyzed on the new Kaluza software.

The instrument can analyze particle size ranges from 0.4 µm to 40 µm diameter.

Maximum Acquisition Rate: 25,000 events per second

Lasers Power output
Blue Solid State Diode, 488nm 22 mW
Red Solid State Diode, 638nm 25 mW
Violet Solid State Diode, 405nm 40 mW
Excitation Detectors Emission Fluorochromes
488nm FL1 525/20nm FITC, GFP, YFP, AF488, CFSE, DCFH
FL2 575/20nm PE, DsRed, Vybrant orange
FL3 620/30nm PI, PE-Texas Red, PECF594, PE-Vio615
FL4 675/20nm PE-Cy5, PerCP, 7AAD
PECy5.5, PerCPeF710, PerCPVio700
FL5 755LP nm PE-Cy7, PEVio770
633nm FL6  660/20nm APC, AF647, eF660
FL7 725/20nm AF700
FL8 755LP nm APC-Cy7, APC-Alexa750, APC-Alexa770, APC-eF780
405nm FL9 450/50nm BV421, Pac Blue, AF405, VioBlue, DAPI
FL10 550/40nm Krome Orange, Pacific Orange, AF430, VioGreen

Location:  EOHSI Building, Room 347

Available software for analyzing data:

  • Kaluza Analysis Software. You can analyze your data on your computer using Kaluza analysis software. First download the one-month free demo of Kaluza software here. Second, ask us to borrow a dongle for your computer to use the Kaluza analysis software. To download Kaluza Instructions click here.
  • ModFit LT, Verity Software House, Inc.

Tips for preparation of samples:

  • Cell concentration in each tube: about 1 million cells/ml
  • Sample volume in each tube: 0.3 – 1 ml (minimum volume is 0.3 ml)
  • Sample tubes must be polypropylene (12×75 mm round bottom polypropylene tube- BD Falcon Cat# 352002 for non sterile, or Cat# 352063 for sterile).
  • All samples should be filtered with 40 µm nylon cell strainers (Falcon # 352340) prior to running to avoid clogging the machines.
  • If you have samples stained with more than one fluorochrome per sample, we recommend you  bring single color stained positive control samples (each fluorochrome individually) and unstained or negative control (isotype) cells for proper compensation.
  • We recommend that samples are kept on ice or chilled until ready to run on the instrument.